Stone Setting Classes 
Crystal Fetish is highly recognized all around the world, not only for their beautiful designs but also for their precision application and flawless workmanship! Our goal is to train you to understand the concepts and the precision application of Crystal Fetish using Swarovski flat back stones. The classes are extensively detailed and the student will move on to the next course level only if they meet the high expectations of Crystal Fetish. Because of this reason, once a student has completed all courses they are eligible for employment at Crystal Fetish. 
We mainly do one on one private courses but we do hold occasional group courses on demand. Please follow our social media pages for information on group courses or email us at 
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Twitter - @ CrystalFetish
Please note: Group courses are not as extensive as private classes but still provide a basic knowledge of Swarovski flat back stone setting. 
Courses: (Student must have prerequisite skills with Crystal Fetish before advancing to the next course) 
Beginner - Minimum of 20 hours 
Intermediate - Minimum of 40 hours 
Advanced - Minimum of 40 hours 
Proficient - Minimum of 50 hours 
Master - Minimum of 80 hours
Additional hours are available upon request. 
Because these will be one on one courses with the owner of Crystal Fetish she will advance you to the next level if needed without completing required hours. This is possible because some people are able to learn at a faster pace than others. We do not waste anyones time or money!
Course Description
Courses will provide the student with general knowledge of tips and tricks of the trade for stone setting with Swarovski flat back crystals as well as hands on training with the owners supervision. Do not expect to become a professional stone setter using Swarovski crystals by just attending the beginner course or even completing all the courses of training for this would be a false promise from any educational institution. Our programs will give you a good foundation to understand and perform many of the tasks that you may be presented with when working in the Swarovski flat back stone setting industry. Becoming a professional flat back stone setter requires extensive training and practice like any other trade or profession. We do extensive hands on training with our students to assure they meet all requirements but we highly recommend practicing on your own as much as possible. 
You will start from the most basic design to a complicated design as you progress. If you think you are advanced and would like to skip the "beginner" course we can work something out depending on the level of experience you hold. 
Courses will include fundamentals of crystal glues. This will teach you to know which glue to use depending on which surfaces you are working on. 
The use of burs and stone setting tools will be shown and explained. 
Learn to select the proper size and type of tools for each individual project. 
Courses will also include how to calculate surface area and how to properly price your work. 
We will have branding tips. 
How to do a large production run. 
During the master course, student is allowed to choose a design, either from our website or any other website and we will provide knowledge on how to create that look and explore all the details required to achieve a flawless workmanship. 
At the end of the master course, if employment opportunities are available, the graduating student will be priority pick for employment with Crystal Fetish. This will provide further practice and knowledge of the trade. 
Once all course are complete with Crystal Fetish you will receive a list of the vendors we use. 
For more information, feel free to email us at
Payment Forms: 
We accept all major Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Amex and Discover), Cash, Personal Check and Certified Check. 
If you are paying with a credit card, we will need you to submit a front and back copy of both your credit card and drivers license. Your credit card, personal check, and certified check will not be charged/cashed until your course is over. You will receive your certificate of completion by Crystal Fetish once your payment has cleared. 
Please download the PDF forms below to register.